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Euclid Municipal Court Probation Department

The Euclid Municipal Court Probation Department includes a Chief Probation Officer and two (2) full-time Probation Officers who monitor all Defendants sentenced to a term of Community Control or Diversion. The Department manages over 300 cases. The Probation Department’s responsibilities include: supervising Defendants that are court ordered to complete a term of community control and conditions; conducting pre-sentence investigations and first offender (diversion) referrals; handling Expungement requests; and any additional referrals and requests of the Court. The Euclid Probation Department is here to ensure that court ordered conditions are satisfied and that the rules of probation are abided by until the term of probation is completed or terminated.

The Goals of the Probation Department are to:

  • Supervise Defendants in a professional and courteous manner.
  • Assist with deterring recidivist behavior by utilizing evidence based practices, encouraging education, employment, behavior modification, health family relationships and non-criminal friend relationships that foster a productive support system.
  • Assist each Defendant with a wraparound approach providing guidance, appropriate agency referrals and direction.
  • Assist Defendants in becoming productive and viable citizens of the community.



If you need to reschedule your appointment, you must to contact your Probation Officer directly within 24-48 hours of your scheduled appointment. If you fail to contact your Probation Officer, it will be documented as a missed appointment and you will receive a missed appointment letter in the mail with a new report date and time. If you have missed three scheduled/rescheduled appointments with your Probation Officer, you may be in violation of your probation and will likely receive a Probation Violation Notice to return to Court for a violation hearing.

Please leave your Probation Officer one message and one message only. Your Probation Officer will return your communication within 24-48 hours of receipt. Please take into consideration that your Probation Officer may be seeing other probationers, in court, and/or completing other assignments etc. The Probation Department will return your communication as soon as they are available.

Community Control is granted by the Judge and is overseen by the Probation Department. The Judge will impose specific terms of supervision including the length of community control. Additional conditions are tailored to the specific risks and needs of each person placed on community control. These conditions may include but are not limited to: community service, staying alcohol and drug free, random drug testing, paying fines/court costs/restitution/fees, and/or mental health and substance abuse treatment. The Court may also order electronic monitoring (house arrest, alcohol monitoring, GPS, interlock), Temporary Protection Orders (TPO) and No Contact Orders. The goal of the probation department is to assist the probationer with making prosocial behavioral changes and avoid new arrest.

You may apply for an early release from supervision. The Judge may or may not grant your request. The Judge may require that you have served a good portion of your supervision period and/or all of the imposed conditions of your probation are met before granting a request for early release.

If you have filed for an expungement with the Clerk’s Office and paid your $50.00 expungement fee, the Probation Department will then proceed to complete the expungement interview process. A criminal/traffic record check will be conducted, all necessary supporting documentation will be collected and you will be contacted by the probation department in the order that all expungement requests are received.

The approximate time from receipt of your expungement request to be processed will be 30-90 days minimum and up to six (6) months for the completed expungement process.

Expungements are tentatively held on available Tuesday and Friday afternoons at 2:00 p.m. as the docket permits. All expungement hearings are in person unless other hearing reporting arraignments were discussed and granted. 

Please refer to the Clerk of Courts web page for expungement instructions, payment information and all paperwork. You can also contact the Clerk’s Office at (216-289-2888) for further payment information and questions regarding receipt and return of expungement paperwork.

You may contact Chief Probation Officer, India George, at (216-289-8296) with questions regarding next steps after your expungement paperwork has been received.

If you are a victim or complainant in a pending case and have not received communication from the City of Euclid Prosecutor’s Office or the Euclid Probation Department, you can print off the Victim Impact Statement found on this website. Please be sure to return your statement to the Court prior to the next scheduled hearing and include the defendant’s name, case number if known, additional supporting documents and verification of damages or bills received if requesting a monetary restitution amount. 

Contact Information

The Euclid Probation Department
General: 216-289-2888 #7
Fax: 216-289-8254

Probation Officers

Chief Probation Officer
India L. George
Direct: 216-289-8296

Dawn Dixon
Direct: 216-289-2919

Traci Olic
Direct: 216-289-8297